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Tiger Nageswara Rao: The Director’s overconfidence leads to crores of losses

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Tiger Nageswara Rao Director’s overconfidence leads to crores of losses. This evening, the film’s makers updated that the film’s runtime has been reduced. Before the release, many close persons and distributors had suggested to the makers of Tiger Nageswara Rao to go with a runtime of around 160 minutes. However, the team and mainly the director did not listen to the advice and locked the 182-minute runtime.

At the last minute, the Indian version was changed to 172 minutes; now, it has been reduced to 157 minutes. This is entirely the director’s mistake whose job is to understand both the positives and negatives of his content. Now, 30 minutes of the film have been trimmed and it will make the producers quickly lose crores of money as the footage got wasted, and because of the extra footage, the movie opened with mixed WOM and poor reviews, which affected huge collections.

It has to be said that Tiger Nageswara Rao, Director’s overconfidence has led to crores of losses for producers. Before the release of the film, upon hearing the rumors that the director was not listening to anyone to cut down the length, the producer defended him by saying that they had a collective call about the length.

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However, after its release, the film’s length was felt too long by the audience, and now the makers have announced a reduction in its length. The new runtime of Tiger Nageswara Rao is now 2 hours 37 minutes, and the makers expect that this cut will excite the audience. Indeed, the director’s overconfidence has cost crores of losses.

Many believe they should have presented a sharp cut right from the start instead of worrying about it now. We need to wait and see whether the audience likes the new trimmed version of Tiger Nageswara Rao. 

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