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Jawan’s OTT version will differ slightly from the theatrical one

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Shah Rukh Khan’s latest action entertainer, Jawan, directed by Atlee has been a huge hit worldwide and has received a lot of love and appreciation from the fans. The film has already reached Rs 400 crore in India and has collected over Rs 700 crore worldwide. SRK fans have watched the movie by celebrating in a big way in theaters, but they are eagerly anticipating its release on OTT platforms as well. In a recent interview, Atlee mentioned that he intends to do something unique and wants to surprise the audience pleasantly by giving a slightly different version from the theatrical one.

During a recent interview, the director of ‘Jawan’ provided some intriguing details. Besides discussing the current success of his Hindi project, he also revealed that he is working on something exciting for the OTT release of ‘Jawan’.

The director responded when asked if there was a possibility of a longer and unwatched version of the film upon the OTT release. “We have already balanced the emotions and length appropriately for the theatrical version. We are looking into a different rhythm for the OTT release. The reason I postponed my holiday is that we are working on something. I want to surprise all of you, so let’s see what we come up with.”

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When asked about the Sequel of Jawan, Atlee did not confirm it but said there are some ideas. “The endings of most of my films are similar, and I haven’t planned any sequels. However, I am open to the idea. I will definitely take a strong concept into consideration if it comes to me. For now, I have left it open-ended. In the future, I may come up with a sequel, but I will definitely come up with something different.”

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