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Thaman, learn from your mistakes first. Why criticize directors?

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Thaman, learn from your mistakes first. Why criticize directors? The Netizens and movie audiences have to say this about the music director. It is widely known that Thaman is one of the busiest music directors in Tollywood. He is active throughout the year with full films. The stars and small heroes everybody needs him only and he has given many hit albums and stunning background scores. However, his latest form and how he talked in a recent interview have made people say, ‘ Thaman, learn from your mistakes first.’

Thaman made a controversial statement, saying no music director wants to destroy the scene. Without story or emotion, how will the music director compose good music? Now he is getting backlash. Definitely blaming directors is his mistake only.

1. Script Discussions:

Why should he okay the movie if there is no story and emotion, He should have asked for the story, then only he should have committed the film if he can do justice. Simply committing the film and saying there is no story is wrong. 

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2. Committing to multiple projects:

Committing to multiple projects is fine if he can deliver output without any delays and quality music. Thaman’s songs’ quality has been declining recently, and the directors complain that he is not providing the songs within the committed time which results in the delay in post-production. 

3. Blindly blaming the Directors:

There is no possibility of emotion in every scene; understandably, Thaman cannot get excited about ordinary scenes. But what about Introduction scenes and action episodes? There is no way that solid emotion can be added to Heros’ introduction scenes or mass songs. It’s only the Music director who needs to add the high there. 

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Thaman first should understand his mistakes, then needs to blame others. Otherwise, he will soon lose the opportunities flowing at him now.

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