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Telugu producers, it’s high time to learn from Tamil: Stop fake box office posters

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It’s high time that Telugu Producers learn from their Tamil counterparts and stop the fake box office posters. One cannot understand what producers will get by announcing exaggerated film collections. Even the heroes fans also cannot agree with the numbers shared by Telugu Producers.

The makers should understand that the audience will not come to the theaters to see the box office numbers. So then there is no need to announce the Fake box office numbers in posters.

The collections should always be transparent because the industry and people will understand the film’s performance. It is easy for buyers to gauge how the movies are performing, and heroes can realize their individual markets and box office numbers.

Recently, the two films from the Tamil industry became big blockbusters. They are Leo and Jailer, and for those films, the producers did not even exaggerate the 1Cr collection and publicly showed original numbers.

So the question is, why can’t our Telugu producers do the same and announce real numbers and stop fake and hyped box office numbers? It must be noted that the Telugu makers themselves are openly saying that the numbers they are showing are only for publicity. There is no need for all this fake publicity, and if the numbers are transparent, the situation will benefit everyone.

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By announcing the fake box office numbers and projecting the movies as blockbusters, the producers create a negative vibe about the films on social media. Because the heroes and the team are in a dreamy world, they cannot understand the reality of their movies, and the buyers are also not happy with this as, on one side, they are facing losses. On the other hand, the producers are announcing the movies as blockbusters with exaggerated numbers. This is happening continuously in Telugu Cinema.

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