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Telugu Producers and Websites engaged in a Cold War

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The Telugu producers and websites engaged in a Cold War. There is always a debate on reviews in the film industry. The producers of the films say that those who give reviews should refrain from giving them, while those who write reviews want to provide the reviews as soon as they see the movie. The recent pre-release event of Panja Vaisshnav Tej’s Aadikeshava had a few controversial moments, along with the announcement of paid premieres.

As said above, the discussions in the film industry about reviews are always there, and Producer Surya Devara Naga Vamsi told website reviewers not to publish a film review on Friday, I.e., the first day of a film. Vamsi had a bit of an intense argument with various website reviewers as they stated that not every review would kill the movie, and some reviews help small films in a big way if the content is good.

Recently, Kota Bommali PS movie promotions saw many new and senior journalists sitting on the stage, and producers Dil Raju, Allu Aravind, SKN, and Bunny Vas asked questions. In this context, there was a discussion about the reviews, and producers felt some people/websites were giving reviews and killing the film as soon as it was released. If the film is a flop, they are writing more about it, and the producers are incurring many losses. 

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Dil Raju and others thought it would be good if the websites left the first three days of the weekend. The Telugu Producers and Websites engaged in a Cold War because of these recent incidents.

During the promotion of Aadikesava, the media questioned the film unit, and Producer Naga Vamsi came up with a discussion about the reviews. He said to stop writing a review on Friday, adding that some films are dying out because of the reviews. To this, the media answered they would be a plus for small films if they wrote reviews. Naga Vamsi said some people are giving live reviews of everything in the movie right from the title card on social media.

However, in this context, Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Karam movie was mentioned, and producer Naga Vamsi stated that the Guntur Karam movie would not be affected by any reviews and told the reviewers to write as they liked about it. The film is going to be a blockbuster, according to his words. 

Producer Naga Vamsi’s comments have gone viral. Mahesh’s fans are happy that the producer is confident that the film will become a super hit. Directed by Trivikram, Guntur Kaaram is all set to hit the screens on January 12. Meanwhile, because Telugu Producers and Websites are getting engaged in a Cold War, Aadikeshava’s reviews will be the most awaited tomorrow.

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