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Suresh Babu Clarifies: Cinema Industry Will Not Engage in Political Agendas

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In both Telugu states, Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest has been a hot topic recently. However, Tollywood has kept a low profile about Naidu’s arrest. Chandrababu’s good relationship with the Telugu film fraternity is why many are shocked by the silence in the film industry regarding Naidu’s arrest. One of the top producers and a studio owner, Suresh Babu, whose father Dr. Ramanaidu was the MP from TDP, was asked about Chandrababu’s arrest at the latest event, he has not mince words and clarified his thoughts on Naidu’s arrest.

“As an industry we have always stayed non-political and non-religious. From the time the industry was in Chennai until it moved to Hyderabad, it has always remained away from politics. While some of us may have personal inclinations towards political parties, the industry as a whole is always non-political. During the Telangana and Andhra bifurcation, the film industry remained silent about making any statements. The film industry is here to make films, and we would rather not make any statements on sensitive and ongoing political issues,” said Suresh Babu. “I may like a leader and I may not like a leader. It is my personal opinion. But as a film industry as a whole, it is non-political,” added Suresh Babu.

Suresh Babu described Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest as a sensitive topic, and he maintained that the film industry wants to stay apolitical in all issues. Suresh Babu’s comment on the topic was both polite and diplomatic on the whole. Suresh Babu made these comments during the media interaction of ‘Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side A’ Telugu dubbed film of Kannada Hero Rakshit Shetty which is being released by the People Media Factory on 22nd September.

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