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South Indian Films sealing OTT deals within 4 weeks of release

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If we observe see all the recent South Indian releases, all the films are coming on OTT within 4 or 5 weeks irrespective of the result at the box office. Even if the film is a blockbuster, the movie will be getting available for streaming on OTT in just 4–5 weeks. This is not only happening in Telugu cinema happening but in total South Indian Cinema as well. The most of the films locking OTT deals for early release and getting sold big prices.

While some Pan Indian films like KGF 2 and RRR had a longer gap between the theatrical and OTT release, that is why they did not face any problems with the Hindi version’s release. However, films like Ponniyin Selvan 2, Jailer and now Leo have faced problems for Hindi version’s release because of the early OTT deals.

Reportedly, the Negotiations are ongoing for the upcoming action thriller of Thalapathy Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj, Leo’s Hindi version to be released smoothly in national multiplex chains, which strictly follow the 8-week window (56 days) for any Hindi film between theatrical and OTT release.

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In the south, as said above, the window between theatrical and OTT releases for big films is only 4 weeks (28 days) as per the norm. Jailer, PS2, and other Hindi versions were not released in multiplex chains and only had single screens in North India recently for the same reason.

At present, nearly 40-50% of South films that have been dubbed into Hindi have major share collected at multiplexes.

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