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Shivaji is nowhere near other Bigg Boss winners

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Shivaji is nowhere near other Bigg Boss winners. It is widely known that Actor Shivaji has entered as one of the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 contestants. Though he has a solid vote base and has played many tasks, Shivaji is nowhere near other Bigg Boss winners. The viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu do not like his attitude in the game. 

There is no doubt that Shivaji is a strong contestant, but he is far away from other top Bigg Boss Telugu winners. The main reason is he is influencing the other contestants very severely, and the contestants are also getting easily influenced by his words, which makes the other contestants weaker than Shivaji, which is helping him a lot.

Now, Shivaji is not playing any good games. He can put himself in a comfortable position in each task by blackmailing the other contestants, saying that people are watching and pressuring them not to play fouls or cheat games.

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Even Nagarjuna, the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 host, stated that Shivaji has recently gained head weight. However, when Nagarjuna comes in on the weekend and asks Shivaji about his words or actions, he says it is his strategy and immediately changes his words. 

In the recent Bigg Boss Telugu 7 episode, a ranking game was held, and Shivaji made every contestant listen. Finally, he stood number one with housemates’ support. The problem is that Shivaji’s words easily influence housemates.

No one is questioning or strongly, even though Shivaji is making many mistakes. He always grabs the opportunity to befriend the winners in tasks and immediately says that he already knows about their success.

Then, he continuously tells them they are a strong contestant, and no matter who wins the task, Shivaji forcefully takes the credit and tries to behave well. Shivaji is not worthy of being the number one like Kaushal, Abhijeet, and other winning contestants as they never played safe games and tried to influence others. 

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