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Shankar’s big risky move with Indian 2

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Shankar is taking a big, risky move with Indian 2. The risk is here is now the buzz on Indian two is that Kamal Haasan will not have big screen time in the film; as we saw in the intro, the film Bharateeyudu 2 revolves around the introduction of all characters and shows the current digital corruption and all other current generation corruption activities which leads to a massive demand from the people to fight for Senapathy’s comeback.

These elements will cover much screen time, and Kamal Hassan’s entry as Senapathy is expected to come after many scenes. If Shankar can engage the movie with good scenes, then it will be fine, but if he cannot do so, it will be a big problem to engage the audience without the main hero, and it is very risky, and Shankar is taking that risk.

Reportedly, Indian three is said to have full-fledged scenes of Kamal Haasan’s Senapathy character, but to create buzz on Indian 3, Indian 2 must work at a higher level.

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We may take the reference of the film, Vikram, where Kamal Hassan’s screen time is less than half. Still, in that film, the story revolves around his character from the beginning.

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