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Second Half – Pamba Lakidi Jamba

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Second Half – Pamba Lakidi Jamba. Don’t be puzzled by this line because this is not about a possible Sequel to the film Jamba Lakidi Pamba, released in 1992. This is about an upcoming big movie, and the latest reports suggest that the film’s second-half script has become a Pamba Lakidi Jamba.

The industry buzz is that an upcoming biggie’s 2nd half’s flow went completely wrong, and the film, which is almost at the end of the shooting, is facing a big problem now. Reportedly, the film’s lead hero has already said to have expressed the same at shooting time, that he cannot be convinced and understand the flow of the 2nd half. 

But the director had convinced him and told the hero he was in total clarity. He also stated that after completing the film, everyone would understand his way of taking.

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However, things did not go right, and now the director is said to be disappointed after watching the 2nd half, and he feels that the film’s hero was correct regarding the 2nd half. But now he cannot do anything as the movie is almost at the end of the shooting.

The 1st half of the film is said to have come out decently. Now, the team is trying to make possible changes to make the 2nd half at least average. The movie’s positive sign is the action episodes, which came out very well, but the drama and theme of the film are said to be misfired in the 2nd half.

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The team is working hard to bring the second half to an average – above-average level. It is a commercial and big film, so above-average content can also pull it at the box office. The only thing they have to do is set the second half’s content as watchable content, at least. 

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