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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 28 : Nagarjuna angry on the contestants

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Like every weekend episode, Nagarjuna came on Saturday to analyze the game and the performance of the contestants. Before talking to them, he watched a bit of footage from the Friday’s episode where the contestants played a shastri balm task. They were asked to select one contestant who is like a headache to them and one contestant as a stress reliever.

Nagarjuna looked angry as he came to the stage with a belt, and he was angry with many things that happened in the last week. He questioned Sandeep and Shivaji as they both were failed at their job as a Sanchaalak. Nag criticized Tasty Teja for his dangerous behavior with Gautam in the task. He also appreciated Priyanka, Subhashree, and Shobha Shetty for trying to stop Teja from attacking Gautam. Priyanka and Teja did not select anyone.

Teja accepted his mistake and said he was ready for any punishment. Subhashree suggested sending Teja to Jail, while Sandeep said Teja should be nominated. Then Nagarjuna said that Teja will be sent to Jail, and he should do whatever work does Gautam in the next week. Nagarjuna also nominated Teja for the next week, and he appreciated Gautam for his good behavior even when there was a dangerous physical attack on him.

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Then a video was played by Nagarjuna where Subhashree was talking about her problem with Shivaji and Nagarjuna asked what her problem was. Subhashree said that she was uncomfortable with Shivaji coming so close to her during a task. Nagarjuna inquired with all the other contestants and played the video. He also asked the contestants whether the behavior of Shivaji was bad or not. Only Rathika and Subhashree said that his behavior went a bit overboard.

Nagarjuna also said that Shivaji should have taken care when Subhashree was telling him to not come closer to her. After that, Nagarjuna also played a video of Gautam and Prashanth where the latter discussed the former’s hand gestures during his argument with Shobha. Thereafter, he also played the old video of an argument between Shobha and Gautam. Then Nagarjuna asked the other contestants who was wrong and the majority of them felt Gautam was wrong.

Nagarjuna then asked Yawar to control his anger and should concentrate on the game. After that, Yawar said Sandeep was biased as a Sanchaalak and was an undeserving housemate. Rathika, Gautam and Amardeep selected Shivaji while Prashanth, and Subhashree selected Sandeep.

He also stated Amardeep is not understanding other contestants’ words during arguments. Gautam was also instructed by Nagarjuna to take care of his behavior and to have clarity on his statements. It was appeared that Nagarjuna was favoring Shivaji and intimidating Gautam. After that, Nagarjuna asked all the contestants that who is the undeserving housemate between Sandeep and Shivaji, and the latter got 6 votes.

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In a shocking turn of events, the Power Astra was taken back from Shivaji and Nagarjuna made Shobha to break the Power Astra of Shivaji. As a result, Shivaji was removed as a housemate and became one of the contestants. Nagarjuna did not save anyone from the nominations and said he will reveal the details tomorrow.

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