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Salaar’s AP distributors bring a bit of shock to the fans

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Prabhas’ Salaar is one of the most crucial films of his career and has got everyone on their feet. The film which was supposed to be released in September has now been pushed to December 22nd and fans are eagerly waiting for more updates and the promotions will kickstart pretty soon. The much anticipated Salaar trailer will be released on December 1st at 7:19 pm.

Coming to the business of the film, something pretty interesting has happened with Salaar and that is the distributors associated with the film in AP. Normally, most of the big films will be released by top distributors as top distributors can manage better planning and execution of the film’s release.

Salaar is undoubtedly a massive project and the biggest film in Tollywood after Rajamouli films. However, in the recently released list of AP distributors, it’s interesting to note that most of them are not so established.

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Fans are shocked after seeing the distributor’s names and are worrying about how they will plan the film and release in theatres. This is the most crucial film in Prabhas’ career, especially after consecutive failures and the fans believe Salaar has the capacity to mark a stunning comeback.

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