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Actress Karthika reveals her future husband

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Actress Karthika reveals her future husband. A few weeks back, The Ko (Rangam) actress shared her engagement ring on her Instagram account but did not disclose the details of her fiance. Today, Actress Karthika reveals her future husband and his name is Rohit Menon.

Karthika’s past narrative and social media posts had intrigued fans to know about her would be as she revealed her engagement and feature snapshots with an unidentified person.

Afterward, it was reported that Karthika Nair had become engaged to Rohit Menon. Karthika kept her future husband’s identity a secret until she introduced Rohit Menon on her Instagram platform. Expressing her heartfelt sentiments, she shared:” Meeting you is destiny. Liking you is magic. The countdown to walk with you has begun” accompanied by endearing photos of the couple.

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The images of Karthika Nair and Rohit Menon have sparked a social media frenzy, with many people expressing their heartfelt congratulations to the couple. Fans are excited about Karthika’s engagement and the introduction of Rohit Menon, which has brought about widespread joy to all her loved ones.

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