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Salaar Goes Global: A Paid Promotional Campaign?

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Is the “Salaar Goes Global” phenomenon, a paid promotional campaign? This is the latest buzz on social media. It is widely known that Prabhas and Prashanth Neel’s Pan Indian action drama Salaar started streaming on OTT a few days back, and it is currently available in South Indian languages only.

Surprisingly, the film saw a big response from other countries’ audiences. Everyone thought that just like RRR, Salaar is also reaching international audiences, and it will get much bigger after it gets released in English version.

The response for Salaar: Ceasefire on OTT raises questions

However, a section of people on social media say that it is a paid promotional campaign from the makers. The Netizens accuse that the other countries people who are posting positive responses about the film are paid for doing so, and actually, they did not even do not watch the film. Some of the handles that posted the reviews have been proved as fake as the Netizens provided proofs that they are paid handles.

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Now majority of people started to believe it is indeed a paid promotional campaign from the makers of Salaar as the film has not even started streaming in English/ Hindi versions. So some people have doubt that how come it got international recognition in such a quick time. RRR took a lot of time to reach international audiences but Salaar reaches very immediately after streaming on OTT all which paves the way for the doubt, Is “Salaar Goes Global” phenomenon, a paid promotional campaign?

There is nothing wrong if the makers of Salaar did the paid promotions. Because any team wants their movie to reach maximum people. With the help of influencers, the people will get to know about the film, and they will watch it. The only one thing the film needs is these paid promotions should gradually turn into organic response, which will have a bigger advantage for part 2.

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Whether Salaar’s OTT response is a paid promotion or it is an organic one is unclear as of now and all are peoples assumptions.

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