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Sailesh Kolanu interview for Saindhav

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Saindhav’s Grandeur Aligns Perfectly with Venkatesh’s 75th Milestone – Sailesh Kolanu

‘Saindhav,’ marking Victory Venkatesh’s 75th milestone, is the highly anticipated Pan India movie directed by the talented Sailesh Kolanu. This cinematic gift for Sankranthi is already creating a buzz with its released teaser, songs, and trailer, receiving an overwhelming response. Produced ambitiously by the renowned Venkat Boyanapalli under the Niharika Entertainment banner, the film is scheduled for release on January 13. Director Sailesh Kolanu provided insights into the film’s features during a press conference in this context.

Q: How did the ‘Saindhav’ project come to be a star?

A: After the release of ‘Hit 2,’ producer Venkat suggested that I meet Venkatesh Garu. Upon meeting him, Venkatesh Garu congratulated me on the success of the movie. Initially, our conversations were not about the film; we bonded over general life discussions in a few meetings. Eventually, we both felt it would be great to collaborate on a film. I pitched the idea of ‘Saindhav,’ and Venkatesh Garu loved it, declaring it as his 75th film. After further development and incorporating his feedback, we embarked on the shooting journey.

Q: Is there pressure to achieve a hat-trick success after two hits?

A: I always feel pressure, but my focus is on the filmmaking process. I believe that by following a sincere and honest approach, success will follow. ‘Saindhav’ was created with the same passion and commitment.

Q: Was there any pressure associated with Venkatesh’s 75th film?

A: Initially, there wasn’t much pressure, but it crept in during the last week. Watching videos of Venkatesh Garu journey created a sense of responsibility to deliver a film worthy of his milestone. However, Venkatesh Garu himself did not impose any pressure on us. We are confident that the film will live up to the expectations of being his 75th.

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Q: What kind of inputs did Venkatesh provide regarding the script?

A: Venkatesh Garu, known for his expertise in investigative thrillers, offered valuable suggestions, especially in emotional scenes. His insights significantly contributed to enhancing the emotional depth of the story.

Q: Why choose popular actors like Arya, Andrea, and Ruhani for the cast?

A: Each character in the film serves a purpose in conveying a message. The actors were selected for their ability to communicate widely and bring awareness to the struggles of people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The intention was to reach a broader audience and make the story impactful.

Q: Why are there mostly night sequences in ‘Saindhav’?

A: Around seventy percent of the story unfolds at night, creating an exciting and captivating atmosphere. The initial introduction of characters sets a comfortable tone, but soon the audience becomes engrossed in the thrilling narrative.

Q: Did Venkatesh become a fan during this journey?

A: Yes, I mentioned at the pre-release event that having grown up watching Kamal Haasan’s films in Madras, working with Venkatesh Garu made me a fan. Venkatesh Garu close-ups and acting left a remarkable impression on me, making him an influential figure in my filmmaking journey.

Q: Whose decision was it to cast Nawazuddin?

A: It was my decision initially, and Venkatesh Garu supported the idea. We later approached the producer, Venkat. Nawazuddin’s unique role added a distinct flavor to the film, and his dubbing for the Telugu-speaking character was done with great interest.

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Q: Tell us about the fictional city ‘Indraprastha’ in ‘Saindhav.’

A: ‘Indraprastha’ was created to portray a large-scale story involving drug cartels and gun business. Placing the narrative in Vizag added a sense of believability, avoiding the loss of nativity that might occur in Mumbai.

Q: How was the collaboration with the producer for such a costly movie like ‘Saindhav’?

A: Producer Venkat was clear from the beginning that he wanted to give Venkatesh Garu a great film. He provided everything needed, and the film was made without any compromises.

Q: Will there be a ‘Saindhav 2’?

A: If the audience likes ‘Saindhav,’ I am confident that a sequel will be made. Both Venkatesh Garu and I are open to doing ‘Saindhav 2’ if there is a demand from the audience.

Q: Can we expect a love story from you in the future?

A: I do have a good love story based on events in my life, and I am definitely planning to bring it to the screen.

Q: What about ‘Hit 3’?

A: ‘Hit 3’ is in the writing phase, but we believe in allowing a marination period for movies in the franchise. It is expected to take about a year and a half.

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