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Re-release films turning into heavy loss ventures

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Re-release films turning into heavy loss ventures. Over the past year, the Telugu film industry has seen a new trend of rereleasing old blockbusters in the theaters. Though the trend was successful for a while, with many old films of star heroes like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu’s re-releases working well, slowly, the movement lost its grip, and Re-release films are turning into heavy loss ventures.

Recently, all the re-releases failed big time. Usually, Pawan Kalyan’s re-releases work well, but Gudumba Shankar’s re-release failed massively, though it was released on his birthday. Nagababu released Gudumba Shankar, so it did not give losses to any third party, but another person bought other recent re-releases, and they faced heavy losses.

A private person bought Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Bhairava Dweepam movie rights, and he put massive amounts for 4K remastering quality and rights. Still, the film had zero craze, and the re-release had to be stopped.

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7G Brindavan Colony movies were also bought for a hefty price by a third party, and there were massive promotions for the film’s re-release, but it did not work much at the box office. Being a youthful blockbuster, the film was expected to work well but ended with significant losses. 

The same goes for Chiranjeevi’s Shankar Dada MBBS, and the latest Ntr’s  Adhurs movie also ended up with massive losses as many shows were canceled because of low occupancy.

The fans should realize that spending money for all the re-releases is not worth it because they only show interest if it is the right movie and the perfect occasion. Also, the people who are excited about the profits through re-releases and trying to buy the movies should realize and stop purchasing the films for high prices.

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