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Ramcharan failed to stand on his promise regarding collections on posters

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Ram Charan is now getting trolled for not standing by his word regarding the collections of films. God Father movie was released yesterday, in which Megastar Chiranjeevi played the main role and it is directed by Mohan Raja. Ram Charan, NV Prasad, and RB Choudary have combinedly produced this film.

Earlier in 2018, when the trend of publishing fake collections on wall posters was brought to Ram Charan’s notice, he said even though we publish genuine collections of films on wall posters, some fans may treat them as fake. As such, he decided that his producers will not publish collections officially, be it his production or other producers whom he works with.

It was the time when his movie Rangasthalam released became a huge blockbuster. The makers then published the genuine gross collections of the movie on wall posters. Since the film was a genuine big hit, there were no apprehensions from fans and anti-fans on the collections.

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But Ram Charan said at that time that publishing collections on posters will lead to fights between fans. And to avoid those unnecessary fights he will make sure that his films will not have posters with collections. Charan went on to say that all other heroes are like his friends and wanted to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

But it looks like Ram Charan has changed his mindset after 4 years. As said above, produced under Konidela Productions the movie God Father has been released yesterday and received positive reviews and talk. But the opening collections were not on par with the Megastar’s image according to the trade circles.

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A poster from the official Twitter handle of Konidela Productions was released today which displays the gross collection as 38 crores. But the original gross is less than that. Now people on social media are trolling Ram Charan that he’s also promoting the culture of fake and overhyped numbers.

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