Others need planning and promotions. For Allu Arjun, his name is enough: Sree Vishnu

Sree Vishnu is gearing up for the release of his upcoming action drama ‘Alluri’ the film’s pre-release event was held yesterday in Hyderabad. Icon Star Allu Arjun was the chief guest for the event and Sree Vishnu expressed his gratitude to Allu Arjun and spoke at length about the pan-India star.

Speaking about the current pan-India movie trends, Sree Vishnu said, “Other heroes need planning and promotions for their pan-India project, In the case of Allu Arjun, things are different and just his name is enough.”

The young actor cited the example of Pushpa’s songs released in Hyderabad but started trending worldwide because of Allu Arjun. The Icon Star was also full of praise of Sree Vishnu and reminisced their association during Son of Satyamurthy when the two shared the screen.

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Meanwhile, Alluri is set to release on September 23rd and will star debutant Kayadu Lohar in the lead role. Pradeep Verma directed this film while Bekkem Venu Gopal produced this project. Alluri features an extended cast of Tanikella Bharani, Suman, Pridhvi Raj among others.

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