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Ram reacts to Boyapati Sreenu’s body double shot in Skanda

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Ram reacts to the trolls on Boyapati Sreenu’s body double shot in Skanda. The energetic hero’s latest film, Skanda, started streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar on November 2nd. Boyapati’s role as a body double for Ram in an action episode became viral across social media circles yesterday night. 

Ram reacted to the trolls and explained the reason behind Boyapati needing to step in his shoes. Ram mentioned that he was unable to walk properly due to the weather of the hottest summer. According to Ram, Boyapati finished the specific shot on his behalf.

“2.04.23 I still remember..it was one of the hottest days during the peak of summer..this was my feet after filming this episode on the 3rd day of the 25days… I couldn’t walk properly… It went away for a bit after it started to bleed..so My Director wanted to get the shot right and did this one shot himself. Liking or Disliking the content is totally the audience choice…I have & will continue to Respect Your Opinions …after all..all this is only For You..But I’d like to thank My Director for doing this specific shot for me. #SKANDA Love” posted Ram.

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Skanda received a relatively positive response upon its OTT release compared to the theatrical release. Though the film director, Boyapati, did receive many trolls, Ram was appreciated for his mass mannerisms and screen presence in action sequences.

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