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Rajamouli’s film reviews are limited to Close Circles

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Rajamouli’s film reviews are limited to Close Circles.

Movie reviews decide whether the audience will go to the movies or not. But if those reviews are said by celebrities, that will create a good buzz around the movie and help get more audiences to theaters.

As we all know, Rajamouli posts about his views on a movie on social media, which sometimes creates a good buzz but sometimes misfires, like Mem Famous. Rajamouli’s film reviews are limited to only close circles. 

A few years ago, the majority of the film’s Rajamouli posted reviews to see if he enjoyed it. In recent years, it has been limited to only the closest people. The last review he posted on social media was for Men Famous.

Not only Rajamouli, but many celebrities posted positive reviews, including Mahesh Babu. But that didn’t create a good buzz for the movie, and it was a flop at the box office. And the audience felt it was just for the Chai Bisket team, and it was paid.

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Before that, he posted the For Mathu Vadalara film a long time ago, as it was a family member film, and it created a good buzz around the Telugu film industry and got good collections and good OTT viewership.

Now the latest review from Rajamouli is Premalu Telugu Version Review, which was released by Karthikeya. Karthikeya has released the film in Telugu. It’s definitely Rajamouli’s wish to do anything. But before a few years, people waited for Rajamouli’s reviews, and it helped the movie team too.

But it’s now limited only to closer people, which would impact other movies as it wouldn’t create a good buzz for their movie. This decision by Rajamouli is good, as he decides to review only selected movies so that Rajamouli might not lose trust and value from the audience. 

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