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PVR-INOX Vs Kerala Producers – The Fight Intensifies

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As explained in the previous post, an issue between the ‘Keral Film Producers Association’ and multiplex chain PVR-INOX has been on the rise lately. It all began when the mentioned association started their business venture, ‘PDC’, and mandated all the theatre owners to buy digital prints from them.

For reasons unstated, this didn’t go well with the multiple chain PVR-INOX, which countered it by making the bold move of banning Malayalam films from screening at their theatres worldwide. Obviously, this has resulted in a big chunk of revenue loss for distributors and producers since their films are not being screened.

Following this issue, the producers of Malayalam cinema are demanding PVR-INOX to compensate for the losses. They went on to say that no Malayalam film will be given to this multiple chain until this issue is sorted out. According to them, Aadu Jeevitham, Varshangalkku Shesham, Aavesham, Jai Ganesh, and Manjummel Boys have incurred significant losses.

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