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Producers Wait for Election Dates Continue

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As we all know, general elections in India to elect 543 members of the Lok Sabha are scheduled to be held between April and May 2024. While this has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, there’s one thing about it that’s keeping filmmakers in confusion: the finalised dates of elections.

Needless to say, general elections are a huge public event organised by the Election Commission of India across the length and breadth of the country, so they have proven to affect the footfalls of cinema theatres significantly. To avoid this, production companies try their best to not collide with the election dates during film releases.

For reasons undisclosed, a finalised election schedule is yet to be officially released. Expectedly, this is worrying the people who invest in films. Most notably, Kamal Hassan’s pan-Indian venture Indian-2 and Vikram’s historical action drama Thangalaan have wrapped up the post-production work and are waiting for the election schedule to come out so they can plan their releases accordingly. Additionally, a lot of small and medium-budget films are facing the same issue.

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