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Prashant Neel’s silence results in negative buzz on Salaar

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Prashant Neel’s silence results in a negative buzz on Salaar. For a few days, there has been a considerable amount of negative publicity around this pan-Indian action thriller that it will be postponed again. The main thing that is adding to the frustration of fans is the film unit’s silence. Mainly, Director Prashant Neel’s silence results in negative buzz on Salaar.

It is widely known that the film Salaar was scheduled to be released on September 28th, but it was postponed at the last minute. At that time, Prashant Neel made a big mistake by holding the postponement announcement for a significantly longer time, which resulted in a lot of negative buzz in the film. 

After that, the release date of the film was changed to December 22nd, and again, the team failed to give updates and raised doubts about the film’s release. They are not even unveiling any new posters from the film, which is the reason there has been a continuous buzz in people and social media that the film might get postponed again.

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The problem with the Salaar team is they are not responding to these rumors strongly. There was no update on the Dasara festival, on Prabha’s birthday, and now, even for Diwali, there is said to be no content from the film getting released. 

One cannot understand why the team of Salaar is maintaining silence. With no content from the film getting released, even people believe that the movie may get postponed again or some reshoots are still happening.

There is also a set of rumors that the director, Prashant Neel, does not like the output, and still, there is a lot of content pending for the reshoot. Right now, all this negative buzz is coming on the internet. Prashant Neel and. Salaar’s team should break the silence and address the rumors about the postponement, etc., immediately.

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