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Political References Are Killing The Movies Run And Box Office Numbers

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Cinema is a very vast art form, it exists in multiple genres, comedy, action, romance, thriller, and sometimes a mix of all these as well. There are even political films, biopics, and so on.

And cinema has always been used as a medium to express one’s thoughts or ideas. Because, ultimately what we see on screen is what the writer or director wants to tell the audience. For example, if Vivek Agnihotri has an opinion about Kashmir, he will make a ‘Kashmir Files’ and that is his right. There is nothing wrong with him expressing his ideas.

But the problem occurs when political ideologies and force fit into a movie just for the sake of it. This is not a problem of recent times, this has been going on for a while now. But what is puzzling is that these heroes and directors are not able to understand this simple logic.

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When you give counters and include punch dialogues to mock opposition party leaders, it might work for the hero’s fans or his followers but what about the general audience? When the normal moviegoer goes to watch a movie, all he wants is to be entertained, then why are you feeding your political ideology when there is no scope for it?

They should understand that Cinema and Politics are not interrelated. By fitting in these unnecessary dialogues, you are not only restricting your audience, but you are also irritating them.

And this in turn is having a very bad effect on the Box Office Collections of films.

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