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Phone tapping case: Industry people’s phone tapped?

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Recently a sensational news has shocked everyone. Many police officers got arrested in a phone-tapping case in Telangana. These police officers are a part of SIB, Special Intelligence Bureau formed by the then Government led by KCR. This group’s primary duty was to investigate or identify the internal threats to the government.

But the news is the group allegedly tapped the phone numbers of many Industrialists and even Tollywood celebrities. This revelation has shocked everyone. Many politicians’ phone numbers are said to be tapped. Many actresses’ names have also come up regarding this phone tapping. There is speculation the then government used these celebrities and politicians for their own personal use. The investigation found that these celebrities and politicians paid money to the then government-in different ways. We need to see how this case turns out after the investigation is completed.

Recently there has been a change in the Government in Telangana. Congress Party led by Revanth Reddy came into power and has started investigating this case. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy too is alleged to be a victim in this phone-tapping issue. We have to wait and see how his government tackles this case and who gets imprisoned in the future.

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