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Pan India biggies to lock in multiple streaming partners

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Pan-Indian biggies have changed their strategy. They are now looking to lock in multiple OTT streaming platforms as partners. The OTT platforms are not interested in offering huge amounts. They are not considering it even if it’s a Pan-India projected film. Teams of Many films are expecting huge amounts like more than 200 crores from the OTT platforms.

Managements of OTT Platforms are not in support of collaborating with every film that is projected as a Pan India film. So the makers of the films have come up with the idea of locking multiple streaming partners for different languages. We have seen this trend recently with Salaar and Hanuman. This might bring them different amounts for different languages. This trend is expected to continue for all upcoming biggies and even for medium-budgeted films.

The OTT platform has become a way of covering the losses of a film. Films that have disappointed at the box office are opting for an early OTT streaming. This is also making the audience not come to the theatres opting to watch the film on OTT. Exhibitors are facing losses for the same reason. There needs to be a time gap between release in theatres and streaming on the OTT platforms.

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