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Pawan Kalyan’s Remarkable Act of Humanity: Refuses Doctorate Honor

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Pawan Kalyan shows a remarkable act of humanity as he refuses Doctorate Honor. It is widely known that Power Star Pawan Kalyan is also the Chief of the Political Party Janasena. Pawan Kalyan is currently busy with political activities. The fans and admirers are in awe of Pawan Kalyan’s remarkable act of humanity as he refuses Doctorate Honor.

It is a known fact that Pawan Kalyan has given a break to the shooting of his films due to politics. Most movies in which Pawan Kalyan was supposed to act have fallen into the lapse. With the elections approaching, Pawan devotes his time entirely to the party. 

Pawan Kalyan rejects Vels University’s Doctorate

Apart from politics, Pawan Kalyan personally does a lot of relief work. Many people from the industry have praised Pawan’s personality on many platforms. However, Pawan Kalyan has recently received a high honor, which he refuses to accept. The Tamil Nadu Vels University has been selected to confer a doctorate for Janasena. 

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He was invited to attend the university’s 14th convocation event in January and receive a doctorate. But Janasenani has given an unexpected twist. Pawan Kalyan said that many great personalities have excelled in various fields and should be given a doctorate, not him. Pawan Kalyan has written a letter to the University of Vels, politely rejecting the doctorate offered to him.

Pawan said he is happy and honored to be selected for the Doctorate from the University of Vels. But he also stated that many more great people deserve this respect than him. Pawan requested that this doctorate be given to the people who deserve better than him. Also, due to the election schedule in Andhra Pradesh, Pawan said that he cannot attend the university’s 14th Convocation Ceremony. 

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The opportunity to receive a Doctorate rarely comes to anyone. But a few fans are disappointed to see Pawan rejecting such a great honor. However, most fans comment that rejecting the doctorate is not ordinary and is only possible for Pawan Kalyan.

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