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Pawan Kalyan’s OG: Huge Box Office Potential

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Normally star films have a huge buzz and craze organically. But few films will create a buzz that is a notch higher thanks to its casting, combo super exciting promotional content. Pawan Kalyan’s OG has managed to do just that with the title, Pawan Kalyan’s look and glimpse. It is one of the most hyped films in Tollywood and fans and the general audience have a great curiosity about this project.

The movie has reportedly completed 70% of shooting and the team is now waiting for Pawan Kalyan to join the sets. He will join shooting in June and complete the film without breaks. The team is simultaneously checking the output and editing and making other corrections in the meantime. The buzz is that the team is very very happy with the way the film has shaped till now. They are confident that it will be a powerful comeback from Power Star and a huge blockbuster at the box office.

Pawan Kalyan has also shown a lot of interest in this film, unlike other films in recent times. He is super excited about the content and loved Sujeeth’s making style. Sujeeth is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan hence the looks and output have come out well as we have already seen in the glimpse.

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The team is happy with the output and the movie is already having massive buzz around it. It’s certainly set for huge box office records. The power storm is set to hit theatres on 27th September later this year.

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