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One wrong decision changed everything for Vijay Devarakonda

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Vijay Devarakonda became an overnight star with Arjun Reddy. Before that, he did few roles, but it was Arjun Reddy that has put this actor into star status. However, if one movie could pull down a star as much as it can, it was liger.

The movie, amidst huge expectations and a lot of effort from this emerging star, has bombed at the box office. The aftereffects of this movie are still hurting Vijay Devarakonda and probably will continue to show its effects until he scores a big hit.

The film was promoted on a pan India scale and Vijay Devarakonda was so sure about the movie. He was so confident that he asked for a sequel of this film in an interview with Puri Jagannath. He also launched a movie called Janaganamana with the same director.

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However, the world has turned upside down for him with just one movie. Moreover, he has to face grilling questions from Enforcement Directorate regarding the investments that went into the movie.

This is a terrible situation for a movie star. He invested time, energy, efforts but in return, he lost reputation, damaged his image and then these investigations.

It must be hard to be in the shoes of Vijay Devarakonda. He is known to have an iron will according to his close friends in the industry. His attitude and resilience is inspiring. We hope he emerges and becomes the star which he deserves to be.

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