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NTR officially confirmed as the villain in War 2

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NTR has been officially confirmed as the villain in War 2. After starring in a global blockbuster like RRR, it is widely known that NTR had said okay to Star in War 2, the upcoming film in the YRF Spy Universe. Till now, there were many reports and rumors about the character of NTR in the movie, but with the release of Tiger 3, NTR officially confirmed as the villain in War 2.

Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 was released worldwide today, and in the post-credits’ scene of the film, YRF set a lead for War 2 with a cameo of Hrithik Roshan, and the scene indirectly hints about NTR’s intro in the Spy Series.

The voice of Ashutosh Rana, who plays one of the crucial characters in the Spy Universe, does not mention NTR’s name but gives a terrific intro about his Character.

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The dialogues discuss the Indian Country having an enemy and that only Kabir (Hrithik) can take up the job and face him. The description of NTR’s character is described with massive hype.

The character’s intro is given as a dangerous and evil person who is beyond the imagination of being cruel. A man without a name and face lives in a dark world. If Kabir has to face him, he will have to cross all the lines and barriers of emotions, and he will regret himself. After all, if he can be alive ( Kabir), he will have to fight with a more dangerous danger than death.

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In this Spy series, the fans and audiences thought NTR would also portray the lead hero characters like Salman, Hrithik, and Shah Rukh Khan. But this intro of his character in Tiger 3 hints that he will play the villain role. We must see how the YRF team will show him in War 2.

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