NTR fans vs Ramcharan fans again for 50 days celebrations

Once in past, Rajamouli when asked if he is interested in making multistarrer answered that he is concerned about the fan wars. Finally after many years from then he made a multistarrer with the two big stars of Tollywood. He brought the stars of two big families whose fan bases are huge. Mega fans Vs Nandamuri fans is always on cards. Though Ram Charan and NTR share good bond outside, fans will always see them as competitors.

So right from the word go for RRR, NTR fans and Ram Charan fans tried to prove one’s fandom is bigger than the other’s. NTR fans showed their love by flying an Airplane banner in USA. As a counter Ram Charan fans played their video in the Center of New York time square.

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After the release too, Ram Charan fans claimed their hero got more credit than NTR. NTR fans claimed that their hero’s performance is the life for the movie. So these wars reached another level in social media. Now again the fan war is back for 50 days celebrations. Both the hero fans started trolling other fans by showing that they are doing more celebrations than others. Hope this comes to an end now.

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