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NTR dominated Ram Charan in Oscar awards

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It is very well known that right from the day RRR film was released until it received Oscars today in the Best Original Song Category, the fan wars of both the heroes Ram Charan and NTR have been consistent and never stopped. At first, both the fandoms fought to prove their favorite hero had the better role and performance.

After RRR started streaming on Netflix, the competition shifted to the global star image and Mega, Nandamuri fans were hell-bent on proving their hero’s dominance during the RRR’s Oscars journey.

More than the awards, the onus of fans and even neutral audience also was on who is getting highlighted among both the heroes. However, at the Oscars NTR fans strongly felt that their hero has the last laugh and has dominated Ram Charan.

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They are showing the international celebrities’ response tweets and appreciation as a proof as everyone has given the priority to NTR. Even in the promotions of Oscars they say that NTR has dominated Charan as in the Oscar promos and awards only Bheem’s character visuals have been played and at the time of Naatu Naatu award presentation also the NTR image has used in background.

But if we observe the NTR’s image is larger, but on the other side, there is a pic of both Ram Charan and NTR. Also, during the Oscars nominations, only Ram Charan’s image was displayed. So, it would be better for the fans to stop worrying and fighting over the fame of the heroes and enjoy the success of RRR.

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