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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 34: Pallavi Prashanth becomes the first Captain of this season

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Today’s episode of Bigg Boss started with the bigg boss calling Amardeep and Sandeep into the activity room. Both became emotional and were unable to decide who will sacrifice and finally Amar sacrificed his letter and gave Sandeep the chance of reading the letter and participating in the captaincy task as well. Sandeep got very emotional while reading the letter and shed tears.

Then bigg boss called Shivaji and Prashanth into the activity room and Shivaji sacrificed his letter and motivated Prashanth to play better as he was giving the chance to him. Prashanth requested bigg boss that his letter should be read by Shivaji but bigg boss did not agree to it.

After that, Gautam and Subhashree had a small argument over the task and Yawar came between them and made them patchup. Then a new task of Century Mattress started and Priyanka won the task.

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Thereafter, bigg boss gave the final captaincy task named Rangu Paduddhi Raja, the contenders were asked to paint the opponents T-Shirts without getting that paint on their T-Shirts. There were three rounds in the task and in the final round, the one contestant who has less color on his T-Shirt will be declared as the winner. Priyanka was the Sanchaalak for the task.

Teja, Sandeep, Prashanth, and Gautam were the four contenders in the first captaincy task. Sandeep got angry over Prashanth and said the latter hit him aggressively. Amar unnecessarily argued with Shivaji in between. Priyanka eliminated Teja from the task’s first round after heavy arguments with the other contestants.

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In the second round, Sandeep got out of the line and was eliminated. Gautam and Prashanth were in the final round and finally Prashanth won the task and became the first captain of the Bigg Boss house.

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