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Nani’s statement on commercial cinema is a slipper shot on the face to the young directors

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We know that Actor – Director Venkatesh Maha was caught in a controversy when he made some controversial statements on commercial films which have become massive hits at the box office. Even though he did not take any names, everyone realized Venkatesh was criticizing director Prashanth Neel’s Pan Indian blockbuster, KGF 2.

The comments and the tone in which Venkatesh Maha made them has created a massive outrage on social media, and the young director came under a lot of pressure. And it also brought to question the importance of the larger-than-life masala entertainers in the Indian film industry.

Natural Star Nani, who is promoting his upcoming film, Dasara, has indirectly responded to this latest debate. He was asked to share his thoughts on commercial movies and their importance in Indian cinema in an interview, given that he has done a mix of offbeat, content-driven movies and out-and-out mindless entertainers.

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Nani said that it is only because of the commercial films that our Indian cinema industry stands tall. He stated that if there are no commercial films, then there will be no money or revenue in the industry. And if you don’t have such films, anyone can dare to make good films because there is nobody going to come to the theaters. Nani finally said that mass, commercial films are the backbone and the pillars of the Indian Cinema.

Now the netizens are saying this response from Nani is like a slipper shot to the directors like Venkatesh Maha who cannot understand the fact that both commercial and realistic cinema should co-exist and make the filmmaking a better competition, but someone should not rant on successful commercial films in the disguise of protecting conscious film making.

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