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Naga Vamsi Strongly Counters Harish Shankar’s Satire on Trivikram

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Naga Vamsi strongly counters Harish Shankar’s Satire on Trivikram. It is widely known that Producer Suryadevara Naga Vamsi had an interaction with the media yesterday and told that his latest venture Guntur Kaaram is a successful film at the box office. He talked about the media’s agenda-driven negativity on the film. Naga Vamsi Strongly Counters Harish Shankar’s Satire on Trivikram.

While talking to the media, Naga Vamsi said that a section of media tried to spread negativity on Guntur Kaaram, but the film performed excellently and thrashed all the expectations. He also stated that even some people in the industry tried to make fun of the film, but their attempts failed because of the film’s success. Though Vamsi did not take anyone’s name, everyone understood that he was talking about Harish Shankar.

Harish Shankar shared a tweet a few days ago that has become controversial. He posted something in the context of box office and the response to success and failure, which caused others to speculate that he indirectly targeted Trivikram Srinivas. Naga Vamsi strongly counters Harish Shankar’s Satire on Trivikram.

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Harish Shankar shared his conversation with Ravi Teja and wrote, “Golden words from… Mass Maharaaj… that’s why you are the most happiest soul, annayya”. However, he shared only half of his conversation with Ravi Teja. Hence, Ravi responded saying, “Where is your extension for this.”

Harish then proceeded to share the whole conversation, including his reaction. “Lol… meeku anni gurthuntay Annayya….” wrote Harish and added, “Anthe Annayya. You Are Right. Marutunna Audiences Taste Ki Sardukuntoo Povadam Ledha Motham Sardesukoni Velli Povadam,” said Harish.

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The netizens understood that Harish was hinting at the failure of Guntur Kaaram. But Naga Vamsi also went on the same route and gave a strong reply to Harish Shankar.

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