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Mukhachitram movie review: Lacks the punch

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Movie: Mukhachitram
Rating: 2/5
Cast: Vishwak Sen, Vikas Vasista, Priya Vadlamani, Ayesha Khan, Ravi Shankar
Director: Gangadhar
Produced By:  Pradeep, Mohan Yella
Release Date: 9th December 2022

This Friday has been a busy one for the Tollywood box office and Mukhachitram is one of the many movies trying to woo the audience. Written by Sandeep Raj and directed by debutant Gangadhar, Mukhachitram is a unique concept by a set of newcomers. Let’s check out if this endeavor by the newcomers succeeds in catching the audience’s fancy

Story: Staying true to the movie’s title, Mukhachitram is a story of the faces of people quite literally. Dr Rajkumar (Vikas Vasista) is a plastic surgeon who is about to marry Mahathi ( Priya Vadlamani). As fate would have it, a couple of accidents lead to Maya (Ayesha Khan) taking Mahathi’s face. Who is Maya and what led to this face surgery What are Rajkumar’s intentions behind it? This is what the story follows.

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Performances: Vikas Vasista has got a meaty role and performs well in most parts barring the emotional scenes where his inexperience becomes quite apparent. Priya Vadlamani has also got an author-backed role and is decent so is Ayesha Khan. Chaitanya Rao is good in the supporting role while Vishwak Sen in his extended cameo breathes life into the movie.

Analysis: Mukhachitram takes its own sweet time to establish characters and get started with the plot. The writing in the first half is slow and the screenplay feels sluggish. The second half of the movie is much better but that’s mainly due to a well-portrayed courtroom drama by Vishwak Sen and Ravi Shankar. The twists and reveals are extremely predictable and do not engage the audience enough.

Plus Points:

  • Concept
  • Climax portions
  • BGM
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Minus Points:

  • First half screenplay
  • Predictability
  • Lack of engaging moments
  • Illogical sequences


On paper, Mukhachitram has got great raw potential. However, the execution and writing let the movie down. Despite the short runtime and fewer deviations from the plot, the film fails to engage the viewers.

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