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Mohan Babu Creates Rift Between Sunil And Ali

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Over the years, senior actor Mohan Babu has obtained the image of a controversial figure in Tollywood. He has stirred up controversies, made erratic statements numerous times. In the pre-release event of his next movie titled Son Of India, he has unnecessarily caused a rift between comedians Sunil and Ali.

He started by praising Sunil first for his performance as a villain in Pushpa: The Rise. “As an actor, you need to do all roles, I have also done many roles as an actor. You did a great job in Pushpa.”

It was all going fine up to this point, after which Mohan Babu said this “You came to my office and told me that you act better than Ali and Posani Murali Krishna, they are of no use. Did you say that or not?”

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Sunil responded to this by saying “If I said this then the mic should have blown up, I have not said that Sir.” Mohan Babu continued by saying “Tell me the truth, you said something about Ali. Ali also acted as a hero and scored a hit but I have acted in more movies than him. You said something along these lines”

Sunil kept saying that he did not say any such thing. “Beleive me I did not say anything” he added. This is probably a tactic from Mohan Babu to cause unnecessary controversy to promote the film using Sunil and Ali. Son of India is releasing on February 18th, 2022 in theatres. Vishnu Manchu is releasing the film on his own banner as there are no buyers for the film.

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