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Mem Famous is a jackpot for producers with high returns

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Mem Famous, a youth-centric film, is directed by Sumanth Prabhas. The film had got good initial talk from its premieres. Chai Bisket films along with Lahari Films who earlier backed Writer Padmabhushan this year, have bankrolled this project. Mani Aegurla, Mourya Chowdary, and Siri Raasi played other key roles in this flick. Mem Famous has turned out to be a jackpot for the producers with high returns.

The movie had collected 3.1 Crores on the first weekend, and it also had a good hold on the weekdays as well. Mem Famous movie has collected around 5 Crores worldwide gross in 6 days, and it has entered into the profit zone in all territories. The film’s budget was 4 Crores including P&P (Print and Publicity) Costs, and the non-theatrical business was done for 5 Crores. So, Mem Famous is a true jackpot for the producers as it bought them high returns.

Nowadays, promotions are vital for any movie. Getting noticed by the audience is not at all an easy task and that too for a small film released in theaters is a very tough job as the audience are always interested in star Heroes and big budgeted films. But a small film Mem Famous team was very much successful in creating a good buzz around their movie with creative and innovative promotions before the release, which has worked well for the film.

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The movie tells the story of Mahesh (Sumanth Prabhas), Durga (Mani Aegurla), and Balakrishna (Mourya Nalagatla) who are the three youngsters live in the village called Bandanarsampally. This gang does not take life seriously and often get into petty troubles and criticized by the entire village. Mahesh loves his uncle’s daughter Mounika (Saarya Laxman) while Balu loves Bubby (Siri Raasi) from his childhood. How these guys get to know the seriousness of the life and what things they do to become famous is what forms the rest of the story.

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