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Manjummel Boys Set to Be Tamil Nadu’s Biggest February Grosser This Year

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Manjummel Boys is all set to be Tamil Nadu’s biggest February grosser this year. The film is in roit mode this weekend and suddenly piks huge momentum.

In the first extended week [8 days], the movie has collected close to 4 crore gross in Tamil Nadu. On the 9th day Friday, the movie takes a bigger jump with a 2 crore collection. On Saturday, the movie jumped to a peak with more than 4.75 crore. Today, on the 11th day, the film is heading towards more of the 5Cr Collection.

On the 2nd weekend, the film is collecting more than 12 crore gross in Tamil Nadu. The film is is not even dubbed in Tamil language , the Malayalam version does miracles. Tamil movies putting huge numbers in Kerala we have been seeing from many years. But for the first time A Malayalam film is putting bigger numbers in the Tamil industry. Definitely it will be a turning point for the Malayalam industry.

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By today, the film Tamil Nadu gross is expected to be more than 16 crore. Lal Salaam, a box office disaster, is currently Tamil Nadu’s highest grosser in February, with around 20 crore collection. Manjummel Boys will cross these collections in the next 3 days, and the film is expected to join the 30 crore club in full run, and even 40 crore also depends on the hold.

By today, the film is expected to go in the range of 90 crore gross worldwide and is all set to become the 4th Malayalam film to collect 100 crore gross worldwide. 

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