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Mani Ratnam wins over Shankar

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Director Mani Ratnam wins over Shankar. It is not about a. competition or any award festival, but the legendary filmmaker has surpassed his friend’s work with his newly released announcement video. It is widely known that the renowned and magnificent actor Kamal Haasan is currently working with both these directors. 

For Kamal’s birthday, both Mani and Shankar have released their content for upcoming films. After watching the teaser/glimpse of both films, we can say Mani Ratnam won over Shankar with his work.

Indian 2 movie shooting was completed, so there was a lot of scope to show the content in the teaser, but they chose a different idea for the intro of Senapathy. It did not work for the audience, and the background music failed.

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Coming to Mani Ratnam’s Thug Life announcement video, the film’s shooting has not started yet, and they just shot an intro video in a single location. Still, it Is getting a sensational response from the audiences. The music, production quality, taking, dialogues, everything worked well. 

On top of that, Even Kamal Haasaan looked better in Thug Life’s video than his look of Senapathy in Indian 2. Anticipation has been highly created for Mani’s film over Shankar’s Indian 2. So, after the release of intro videos, Mani Ratnam wins over Shankar. 

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