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Mamitha Baiju: Director Bala Sir Hit Me on Sets

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Mamitha Baiju: Director Bala Sir, Hit Me on Sets

The recently released Malayalam blockbuster movie Premalu is getting good collections. Mamita Baiju, who acted in that movie, impressed everyone with her acting and beauty. In a recent interview, the comments made by her saying that she was beaten by Tamil director Bala on the sets are going viral. Let’s know what actually happened.

Along with some good movies from the Tamil film industry, director Bala surprises the audience with such different concepts every time. Likewise, in March 2022, Surya announced a movie with Bala, but in the process of making changes in the story, they stopped the movie in December without continuing the movie.

Bala started shooting the same movie with Tamil hero Arun Vijay as the lead in March 2023, titled Vanangaan. The teaser for this movie has also been released recently and got a good response from the audience. Premalu heroine Mamita Baiju, who played the main role in this movie, shared a moment on the sets of Vanangaan.

Speaking about the movie Vanangan in an interview, she said, “There is a dance called Villadicha Maatan in the movie. After seeing those dance moves, I was doing that dance for fun and didn’t think to try.

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Director Bala sir saw me doing it, and he called me and asked me to do it. I was very scared. Because I was not prepared yet, I learned only 3 moves and tried them, but I couldn’t do them properly. So Bala sir hit me on the shoulder, saying, There is no point; don’t try again.”

And when the interviewer asked what Surya sir said regarding this, Mamitha Baiju replied, “Surya sir also knows about this matter; every time he used to ask how Bala sir is because we both are new to his set, but Surya and Bala sir would have good rapo between them, and I liked that,” she added.

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