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Leo movie team is degrading themselves

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The Leo movie team is degrading themselves. They are constantly trying to cook silly theories, and in a way, they are trying to fool audiences. Thalapathy Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Leo movie was released on October 19th and opened to mixed reviews. Still, with the hype around the film and Lokesh – Vijay’s combination brand, the movie has achieved a breakeven mark in all territories, posting terrific numbers. However, Leo movie team is degrading themselves about their multiple theories of the film’s flashback.

At first, Director Lokesh Kanagaraj accepted the mistake that flashback did not work for audiences, and everyone appreciated him for that. However, the Leo team suddenly started to degrade themselves by saying the flashback might be fake, which is why it did not work for audiences.

They cannot accept that the flashback’s idea was terrible and come up with multiple theories. Last night, the team released a scene from the film where the character of Mansoor Ali Khan says that the flashback is his perspective. One cannot understand why the Leo team is doing all these things after release.

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They should have put the scene mentioned above in the movie but revealed it after getting bad reviews for flashback. 

The Netizens are saying they need help understanding what the unit of Leo finally wants to prove to the audiences. It looks like they want to say audiences are not brainy enough to understand, or they intentionally made a weak flashback only to come up with a “perspective” analogy. They should stop these theories, at least now.

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