KGF: Chapter 2 review: Yash steals the show with twice the elevations and action

Movie: KGF: Chapter 2
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Srinidhi Shetty, Prakash Raj
Director: Prashanth Neel
Produced By: Hombale Films
Release Date: April 14th, 2022

Yash’s much-awaited pan-India action thriller KGF: Chapter 2 has finally made its way to the screens worldwide. Prashanth Neel and Yash have promised that this film will have twice the thrills and some mind-blowing action sequences that will certainly stand up to the audience’s expectations. While there is no doubt that Prashanth Neel is a master of elevations and developing jaw-dropping action sequences, it needs to be seen if the film indeed has enough ammo to capture the audience’s applause.

Story: Rocky (Yash) has now become the undisputed king of the KGF after killing Garuda. He yields unimaginable power and wealth and is on his way to fulfilling the promise made to his mother. However, there are obstacles in his way in the form of Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) who also has eyes on the fortune of gold. While Rocky is battling Adheera on one side, he is faced with another obstacle- The Prime Minister of India, Ramika Sen (Raveena Tandon). Will Rocky be able to battle the muscle power of Adheera and the political power of Ramika? That’s what the story follows.

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Performances: Yash is the soul of the movie and breathes life into the character of Rocky. He looks dashing and has a terrific screen presence and as expected is truly amazing in the action sequences. Sanjay Dutt’s look is truly menacing and he does a fine job as Adheera. However, weak writing and some illogical sequences let his character arc down. There was a lot of potential in his character which was ignored may be in order to further elevate Rocky. Raveena Tandon is another great addition to the cast and plays the role of a shrewd and indomitable Prime Minister to perfection. Others in the cast such as Prakash Raj, Srinidhi Shetty, Rao Ramesh are ok and play their characters decently. It is the technical department that has outshined many and the production values and cinematography by Bhuvan Gowda are indeed world-class. Special mention must go to Ravi Basrur for his thundering score which adds great depth to the proceedings.

Analysis: KGF: Chapter 2 is an out-and-out action film and the audience will get very little time to dvelve into the story. There are elevations and action blocks designed to keep the viewers hooked and they do a decent job. However, a movie is only as good as its story and that’s where the film lacks. The screenplay in certain parts is slightly confusing and the viewers will have to really pay attention in order to keep up with the film. Apart from Yash and Raveena Tandon, the other characters have not been etched out well enough hence the core conflict looks slightly dull. But Prashanth Neel makes up for that with some smartly placed high octane sequences.

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Plus Points:

  • Yash
  • Terrific Mass blocks
  • Taking and BGM
  • Mother sentiment

Minus Points:

  • Weak villains
  • Few forced emotions and elevations
  • Certain illogical sequences

Verdict: KGF: Chapter 2 is certainly going to be a feast for the mass audience and action lovers. Even if you are neither of the two, you’ll still enjoy the big screen glorification of Rocky Bhai and his daredevilry on screen. The film is definitely set for a roaring opening worldwide. If you are an action lover, you’ll be completely satisfied and will walk back engulfed by the Rocky mania.

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