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Is Salman Khan jealous of Shah Rukh Khan’s box office success?

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Is Salman Khan jealous of Shah Rukh Khan’s box office success? This is the question which is doing rounds in the Bollywood Circles. It is widely known that Salman’s recent film, Tiger 3 was released on the occasion of Diwali festival and failed to get expected numbers at the box office.

Salman Khan seems to be jealous of Shah Rukh Khan’s breaking box office numbers. SK had given two all time blockbusters with Pathaan and Jawan in 2023. Meanwhile, Salman did not admit that Tiger 3 movie’s content was bad, but he comes up with an excuse that the numbers were less because of the normal ticket prices.

In his most recent media appearance, Salman defended his films and stated that Antim was released at a time when audiences were not prepared to go to theaters because of the pandemic. He argued that unlike Tiger 3, they maintained the price of Antim and Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan at a popular (normal) ticket level.

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“When the film was released, we didn’t go for blockbuster (expensive ticket) prices. We kept it at popular prices. Dono mein bahut zyada farq hota hai. We released those movies at popular prices. Ek toh acha karo bhai. Humare number kam aa rahe hai, lekin audiences ka paisa bach raha hai na (We did for good. We earned less, but we saved audiences money as well),” Salman told the reporters.

Salman claimed that tickets for Tiger 3 cost around Rs 1000-1700, but Antim and KKBKKJ were priced at Rs 250. He then joked, “My next movie will have expensive tickets because you don’t appreciate our intention. Next time, we will show you a bigger number.”

But in reality, there is no difference in the average ticket prices of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s films. The ticket prices always depend on the demand and craze of the film. Antim and Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan did not have much craze and that is why both the films did not have hiked ticket prices.

Whereas Tiger 3 had a considerable amount of hype due to YRF Spy Universe and Diwali festival release. That is why the film had hiked ticket prices, but ultimately, it failed to rank big numbers and ended up as an average grosser at the box office. After Salman’s latest statements, the Bollywood audiences are thinking whether Salman Khan jealous of Shah Rukh Khan’s box office success.

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