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Industry People In Support Of Puri Jagan’s Decision To Not Compensate Distributors

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After the many losses of Liger in various territories, the distributors of the film are behind Puri Jagan for the compensation of the losses. While compensation is always a nice thing to do, it is not necessary for any producer or director to repay the money back.

The distributors have gone overboard by planning a strike against Puri Jagan for the Liger losses. In response to this, Puri Jagan has made some very logical points on a phone call. After this, the industry members are contacting Puri and told him not to return even a single penny to those distributors and that this should be a lesson to them.

According to industry members, compensating for losses is the producer’s wish. Whether he wants to do it or not is according to his current mindset and also his financial stability. But the distributors have no right to demand compensation. These days they are blackmailing the producers to compensate and this is where the line should be drawn.

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This debacle about compensation and losses around Liger has been going on for a long time now. We are hoping that Puri Jagan quickly comes out of this mess and delivers a comeback.

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