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Indian 2 Release Buzz Confirms Prabhas’ Kalki Postponement

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The shoot of Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 has been completed and the post-production works are happening. While Shankar and team have not made any announcements regarding any release date till now, there has been a strong buzz from the past two days in Kollywood media circles that the movie will be released in May. A release announcement teaser is currently being made it will be out in a few days.

Meanwhile, another biggie that’s set to hit the screens in May is Prabhas’ Kalki. The release date announcement of Kalki has already been made and it will release on 9th May. The common aspect between Kalki and Indian 2 is Kamal Hassan who is the main villain of the film.

There are high chances that both films will not be released at the same time. The sudden strong buzz of Indian 2 is giving signs of Kalki postponement. There has been continuous buzz about Kalki’s postponement but makers are maintaining that the movie will be released on 9th May.

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While the Kalki team made the release date confirmation just yesterday, it is being termed as a move to keep the buzz on. All the makers do the same as they do not want to announce postponement as it may dampen the film’s hype. But definitely, the release buzz of Indian 2 has heightened the buzz of the postponement of Kalki.

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