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I am alive and living very happily: Comedian and Actor Sudhakar requests do not believe in fake news

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Fake news on movie actors’ health is not new, as there are a many media channels that knowingly spread misinformation about actors in order to strengthen their viewership. In a similar attempt, earlier today, the media reported that the Senior Comedian and Actor Sudhakar is gravely ill, and his health condition is deplorable condition.

It has reached a point where Sudhakar himself has had to clarify about these baseless speculations which had gone viral on social media. Sudhakar released a new video of himself in an attempt to put an end to the rumors about his current medical condition.

“I am alive and very well, as you all can see. It has come to my notice that a few media reports have stated I am unwell. But there is nothing as such. I am very well. There is no reason to worry” Sudhakar says in the video. So, it is now clear that Sudhakar is perfectly fine and there’s nothing to worry about his health condition.

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Sudhakar, the senior actor, has appeared in more than 600 films in mainly in Telugu and Tamil language films. Although he was well known for his comic roles, he also played supportive roles, villain roles and acted in the lead roles in a few films as well. He even produced several films in Telugu, including Yamudiki Mogudu, starring Megastar Chiranjeevi. He won two Nandi Awards for his performance.

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