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High ticket prices on weekdays are badly hurting movies

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High ticket prices on weekdays are badly hurting movies. After the arrival of OTT platforms, there has been a significant impact on movie’s run in theatres. One of the problems is with our producers, who are not setting the ticket prices according to the budgets, business, and craze. High ticket prices on weekdays are badly hurting movies.

If the movie has a massive craze and high stakes are involved with it, then going with maximum ticket price is fine, but even for films that do a mid-range business of 10Cr, 20Cr, and 30Cr, the makers and theaters are putting high ticket prices. There is no need to go with maximum ticket prices for small films. 

Can Dynamic Pricing change the results of the films?

Because of such colossal ticket rates, even average movies fail to attract audiences. Some of the audiences had suggested putting dynamic ticket prices in multiplexes. That means there would be different prices for weekends and weekdays.

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Before a few years ago, flop movies had performed well till the first weekend due to the reasonable ticket prices. Nowadays, suppose a film fails to create a buzz and opens with average word-of-mouth; the ticket prices are impacting the movies and resulting in a big crash on weekdays. In that case, medium business films can go with reasonable ticket prices, like around 100 – 150, but they are still opting for maximum ticket prices and facing bad results.

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