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High court slams Mansoor Ali Khan for filling defamation case against Trisha and Chiranjeevi

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The Madras High Court dismissed the defamation lawsuit by Mansoor Ali Khan filed against Trisha, Khushboo and Chiranjeevi. The court also stated to Manssor Ali Khan that if anyone, it should have been Trisha who should have brought a case against him.

The issue concerns Mansoor’s offensive comments from a November promotional interview for the movie Leo. The Madras HC refused to entertain his plea and stated that Mansoor must learn how to behave. Khushboo and Chiranjeevi among other actors from various industries came forward and condemned Mansoor Ali Khan’s statements and supported Trisha when this controversy erupted.

The high court pulled up Mansoor for his speech and said, “When you are an actor, youngsters look up to you as a role model. Is it right for you to behave in such an uncultured manner?”. Further, the court directed Mansoor’s advocate to advise the actor on how to behave in public spaces.

The defamation suit filed by Mansoor Ali Khan comes after he apologized to Trisha and issue a long public. “My co-star Trisha please forgive me. Hope the god blesses me with the opportunity to wish you when you enter the wedlock,” the statement read.

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