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Heros and directors expressing frustrations with press meets and interviews

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Cinema promotions are all about TV interviews, Digital interviews and Press meets. This is a great way of taking the movie to a wider crowd. But now, the heroes and directors are showing some hesitation to face the press. This particularly includes notable heroes who are concerned about the interviews and irritated as well.

Some pre-release interviews of late are turning out like interrogations as the media persons are asking continuous negative questions instead of focussing on the movies’ content The same situation has been faced by several producers, Directors, heroes, and heroines. Some media persons are constantly putting the actors and directors in an uncomfortable zone with their questions.

Recently Suresh Babu was put in a spot with a question regarding AP politics which the senior producer evaded quite diplomatically. The question from the media person derailed the entire conversation about the movie’s content and created an awkward situation. In press interactions, some press people came up with nonsensical and controversial questions. This is why a lot of heroes and directors are keeping themselves out of these press interactions for promotions.

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